Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CMNM Fantasy by Gary

Thom had been in contact with me, we had connected on line thru a cmnm site. My name is Geoff; I’m 40 and a successful business man. I’ve been searching for something in my life and I found it on the net. Thom and I found that commonality, I needed to be naked with a clothed man, Thom was the guy who encouraged me to be who I needed and wanted to be. I needed to explore my desire to be naked while a guy was conversing with me fully clothed.

Thom and I had communicated thru e-mail and then on the phone. We both lived in NYC but in different areas, me in the Village and Thom near Central Park West. Our paths would have never crossed except for our mutual desire for cmnm experiences.

I told Thom that I had never experienced such an environment; Thom said he was very experienced with the scene. We talked about what our first meeting would be like. I said we should first meet at a coffee shop and Thom readily suggested a place in his neighborhood. We were to meet on Friday at 8pm; I would be wearing my 501’s and a t-shirt with a semi-naked guy. Thom would be wearing his polo shirt and khaki pants. It should be easy for each of us to find one and another.

Thom spotted me as soon as he arrived in the coffee shop, I waved to him and he joined me. Shaking hands Thom sat down and ordered his coffee. Ours knees touched around the small table, I was extremely nervous but Thom was very confidant. Thom said that I was just as I told him over the phone and he was pleased that I followed thru to meet him. After a very lively conversation and a lot of give and take, Thom suggested that we go for a walk since we had finished our coffee.

We were near Central Park so Thom said we should go wander around the park and continue our good conversation. Soon we were surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the carriages and visitors, Thom took my hand in his as our conversation continued robustly. It was now about 10pm and I said I should be getting back to my apartment. Thom asked if we could get together again and I said I would like that. Thom suggested that our next get together should be at his apartment, we could have dinner at his place and drinks if I was up for that. I said I would like that very much, he suggested perhaps Monday night and I accepted his offer. He said how does 7pm sound for before dinner drinks and dinner around 8. I said fine and Thom said does that mean you might enjoy yourself being naked for the evening and I replied I think that is what I was looking for.

That evening on my way home, I only thought about the upcoming Monday night. I could see myself naked in Thom’s company. The two of us having a quiet evening with me enjoying the opportunity to be naked with Thom being fully clothed was something I had desired for a long time. As soon as I got home I fired up the computer and looked at the images of cmnm scenes. My rod was at full mast and I jerked it with cum landing all over my chest. I couldn’t wait until Monday night. I made a quick e-mail thanking Thom for the great evening we had and stating that I was really looking forward to our date on Monday night.

Saturday and Sunday passed in a blur all I could see is myself and Thom relaxing in his apartment enjoying a quite evening. Just the two of us perhaps gazing out on Central Park, I could see the view as he described it. I saw Thom with his arm around my naked body, the two of us sharing a cocktail looking at the people below. Perhaps Thom would build a fire in his fireplace and we could lay on the floor with the clothed Thom cuddling with me. I think I was eternally hard all weekend planning the evening.

Monday at work I was a mess, I couldn’t concentrate on my work. Finally it was 5 o’clock and I could go home and “dress to get undressed” at Thom’s place. I fussed with what I should wear, finally I decided upon my khaki pants and a stylish black t-shirt. My slip on shoes completed my outfit. Now I started my journey, I took the subway to Central Park exiting near his building. I paced in front of his building until it was 7pm finally entering with the doorman allowing my entry. He asked who I was visiting tonight and I said Thom, he told me I was expected and to enjoy the evening.

I took the elevator to the penthouse and it exited directly into his apartment. Thom greeted me enthusiastically and welcomed me to his home. He said he hope I was excited as he was and took me to the well stocked bar. I took his offer and a gin & tonic was poured for me, Thom had a scotch and water. After a couple of sips Thom suggested that I get comfortable which meant that now was the time to get naked. I readily agreed and removed my clothes, placing them on the nearby chair. Thom told me to enjoy the view because he certainly was. I took my drink and walked over to the windows to see the views offered by his apartment. Thom said he had to fuss in the kitchen for a bit and for me to look around.

Thom returned and asked if I would like to see the view from his wrap around balcony and I said sure. He took my hand and we looked out over Manhattan, me in all of my glory and Thom dressed to the nines. We watched the sun begin to set over west Manhattan and watched as the lights on the building came to life. Thom suggested we refresh our cocktails and reentered his apartment. New drinks in hand we admired each other; I drank him in as much as my gin. Thom was smiling as much as I was. Thankfully he was enjoying the cmnm experience as much as me. I was shaken from my bliss as I heard the elevator open, who might be ringing his place on my night?

Thom turned to the door and welcomed his friend Ted. What was going on, who was this Ted guy? Ted was in the living room before I could react, Ted and Thom were hugging as friends do. Thom introduced me to Ted, a friend that he had invited to our dinner party! OMG here was another guy I was not expecting, I was looking forward to an evening alone with Thom and now we had an intruder. Ted helped himself to a cocktail, familiar with the surroundings. Ted came over to me and hugged me and said he was very pleased to meet my acquaintance.

Ted made conversation with me while Thom fussed in the kitchen again. Ted was genuine and outgoing and tried to make me at ease. It was difficult as I was on a high with my time with Thom and now we had an intruder which threw me off of my game. Ted was about Thom’s age, maybe 10 years older than me. Ted told me that Thom had invited him to our dinner after hearing about it. Ted was interested in the CMNM scene and wanted to find out more about it as he confessed the Thom talked about his experiences frequently. He said he certainly wanted to find out more and enjoyed the opportunity to socialize with a naked guy while he was not under any pressure to shed his clothes.

I confessed that this was my first time in a CMNM scene and I was a little shocked that Thom had invited someone else. In fact I was uneasy that another guy was here. Thom returned and overheard my comment and apologized and he hoped that I would forgive him (with a little smile on his face). I accepted Thom’s apology and stood up next to him and we hugged. Ted asked if I was now comfortable being the only naked one and I confessed that I was anxious but calming down a little. That didn’t last long as the elevator doors open once again. In walked three more guys all obviously friends of Thom and they were escorted into the apartment by the Doorman. The Doorman claimed he wanted to make sure that Thom indeed had invited this last set of men to his apartment. Thom walked over to the Doorman and said yes this was the extent of his planned dinner party and offered the Doorman a drink for his efforts and concern.

What the fuck was going on? What I expected as an evening alone naked with Thom was now a group for a dinner party. I was starting to shake when Thom again put his arm around my waist and walked me over to the new three guys. I was introduced to John, Grant and Eddie. Everyone was around Thom’s age except for Eddie who was the youngest guest, maybe 25 and he looked like he could be a model he was so cute. The Doorman was introduced as Stan who was eyeing me up and down while he enjoyed his cocktail.

My mind was racing; thank god I took extra care on my grooming (and manscaping). Eddie came over to me and walked me over to the bar while he was fixing drinks for the new arrivals. He handed me two drinks and told me who got what and suggested I bring them to John and Grant. He said he would have my drink refreshed. I made some small talk as I delivered the drinks and then hurriedly returned to the bar. Eddie handed me my drink, my hand was visibly shaking. He suggested that we go outside for a few moments and I agreed and asked if I could bum a cigarette since I couldn’t find my clothes.

Once we were on the terrace Eddie said I looked a little shaken. As I puffed on the cigarette I explained that I thought this evening was going to be just Thom and myself and that now there were all of these other guys and that I was kind of embarrassed. Eddie said not to worry these were all great guys and whatever happened tonight would not leave the apartment. Eddie said it look like I need a toke and he pulled out a joint from his shirt pocket. I exhaled deeply and said that is exactly what I needed. We moved to an area on the balcony that was somewhat hidden from those socializing in the apartment and Eddie fired it up. I took a couple of deep tokes enjoying the aroma as well as Eddie’s hand that was caressing my bare butt. The apprehension slowly started to dissipate and we decided that since I was calming down we should rejoin the party inside.

Thom spoke up as we went inside saying they were just about to send out a search party for the two of us. Thom asked us to serve one last round of cocktails while he finished dinner preparations.

Eddie made the drinks and I delivered them to the guys. I could now feel the effects of the joint; I didn’t partake very often so I was feeling good. The only side effect was that I was starting to bone up. Since my cock is on the small side (I’m a grower not a shower) to begin with it took a while for anyone to notice that my little guy was beginning to stand at attention. Eddie gave me a wink and I started to blush. I excused myself and said I was going to help Thom in the kitchen.

Thom complimented me on helping to make for a good party and also said it looks like you are having a good time as well. I asked him why he didn’t tell me all these guys were going to attend and he said at the time we met on Friday he didn’t know either. It was only when he went out with his friends on Saturday night that they all asked for an invitation to dinner when they found out what was taking place. Thom said he didn’t want to get me overanxious so he decided not to let me know. He asked for my forgiveness as he hugged me from behind, his clothed body rubbing against my back and butt. Thom said we should get dinner on the table and for me to announce for everyone to take their seat at the table. As Thom plated the food I carried the plates to the table. Everyone could now see my little pecker standing straight out and since I was holding their food I could not hide the fact.

Thom asked me to pour the wine for everyone, so with a bottle or red in one hand and a bottle of white in the other I was force to stand next to each guest pouring their wine. Only one of the guests “accidently” brushed my cock. Finally I could sit down and quickly placed the napkin over my lap. The food was very good and the conversation flowed easily. I helped Thom clear the dinner dishes and served desert to everyone. Eddie finally broke the ice and asked how long I had been in the CMNM scene and how did I get started. I stammered a bit and then explained that this indeed was the first time for me. Thom confirmed that is what I said when we got together the other night. Eddie questioned me further and wondered if I was an exhibitionist or hung out a nude beach. I did say that I like to get an all over tan, but said I didn’t know if I was an exhibitionist. One of the other guests asked if I planned on doing something like this again since I looked so comfortable and seemed to be enjoying the evening. I said at first I was shocked to see so many men and that Thom had gone out of his way to assure me that everything was going great and to relax. I also mentioned that Eddie helped to nerves. I admitted that I indeed wanted to do this again.

Thom said we should leave the dishes and retire to the balcony for an after dinner drink and everyone agreed. Eddie prepared the drinks and again I serve each guest. When all were served Eddie and I joined them. I again begged Eddie for a cigarette and he joined me in a smoke, he again placed his arm around my waist as we enjoyed the late evening sunset over the Hudson River. He pulled out another joint and said this would be a perfect way to end the party and I also took a big hit. It wasn’t long before I was hard again but by now I was relaxed and was not concerned about my condition. Soon the guests began to leave each giving me and Thom a big hug and they all thanked me for my hospitality. Eddie gave me his pack of cigarettes and said I should be sure to look inside when I got home.

I helped Thom clean the kitchen and tidy up. We retreated to the living room and finally shared some time alone. Thom asked how I felt and all of a sudden I was blabbering about how great the evening was for me. I confessed that I wouldn’t have agreed to such a party if he had proposed it when we first met but it turned out to be everything I really wanted and more. He asked if we could do it again either alone or another dinner party and I said sure since he was so comforting and that he had such a great group of friends. I asked Thom how he enjoyed the evening and he said he was so happy that it would be providing him material to think about when he was alone in bed.

I said I should get going and I needed to find my clothes so I could get home. Thom retrieved them from his bedroom closet and reluctantly I dressed. We hugged one last time and I took the elevator to the lobby. The Doorman opened the door for me and said he hoped that I had a good evening since he certainly did.

Once I got home and undressed as I usually am, I remembered what Eddie had said so I looked inside the cigarette pack and found a note along with another joint. The note said he hoped that I had a good time because he had a great time and could the two of us get together for more of the same. It included his e-mail and cell phone number.

I’ll tell what happened when Eddie and I spoke in another chapter.


  1. Great story. I love the way it stays on the CMNM theme. Very sexy. When will there be a sequel?

  2. Great story. This is a fantasy I've had many times.