Thursday, June 9, 2011

First CMNM&F Experience by Gary

I was very young, maybe 22, and just coming out. It was around 1978 or so, I don’t remember the exact date. I’d met a guy at the ABS in East Lansing, MI. He was so cute, blonde, late 20’s, from the Netherlands. We talked and I’m sure we went back to a booth and did the nasty. He later asked me to join him for a weekend at his place; we didn’t live that close to each other. Of course I said I would, being young and horny I couldn’t refuse an invite by another guy since I didn’t have that much experience.

We made plans to meet over the upcoming weekend. I had to make excuses for previous planned events. I drove nervously to his place; I think I had to call for more specific directions when I got close to his home. When I arrived, I found he was having a party with several of his friends, both male and female. I realized that he was a popular guy since he had weed at his gatherings and since he was from a foreign country some of the people were also from the Netherlands.

After making introductions he excused us to his bedroom where we had sex. I was tired from my drive to his home and we relaxed enjoying each other’s company. After a time getting reacquainted and exploring, he left me to relax on his bed while he went out to his guests in his house.

Waking up from a brief nap in his bed I got dressed to join the gathering in his house. We shared a few drinks and a smoke but then he suggested that we get comfortable. He stripped down to his birthday suit and since I was his out of town guest all of his friends said I should as well. My friend was naked as a jay bird, hugging and kissing all over me in front of both men and women, I was of course horrified. After a couple more tokes, I was encouraged to take off my shirt and then my shorts. Once I had my shorts off I was left only in my bikini briefs. All of the clothed guys and women were making fun of my briefs (this was the late 70’s after all).

I finally got naked with my new boyfriend and stayed that way during the cocktail hour and dinner. Of course I was nervous all of the time but eventually got comfortable being the other naked guy in front of his neighborhood friends. Needless to say I had several drinks which the guys keep flowing as well as a few smokes that never stopped.

Eventually my new boyfriend’s guests left and we were alone naked and boned up to complete our exploring of each other. I’ll never forget this first time being one of the naked guys among clothed naked guys (and for the last time clothed females).

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